Best avatar creator apps, create your own avatar and funny cartoons

best avatar creator apps, cartoon maker apps

List of best free apps to create custom avatars, cartoons and other funny characters

APPS | ANDROID | 07/05/2018

Here you have the list with some of the best apps to create personalized avatars and other drawings as cartoons and funny characters. All these apps are free and available on Google Play. Each app has a different style and design, choose the one you like the most and start creating funny images.

You do not need to have drawing skills to create the images, just need download any of the apps and select the elements you prefer to create, in an easy and funnny way, cute images. We start now with the list of the best avatar creator apps / best cartoon maker apps:

1 Face2U Avatar Creator

Face2U Avatar Creator

Face2U Avatar Creator, available free on Google Play

Create your personalized avatar with Face2U

Our first free app of the best apps list to create images is Face2U Avatar Creator. With Face2U you can created an unlimited number of colorful, funny images.

You can get to the detail you want in the creation of your drawings, add makeup, tattoos, piercings and all kinds of accessories such as masks, sunglasses, hats and other accessories to give the style you like the most.

best avatar creator apps, Face2U avatar creator best cartoon maker app, Face2U best avatar creator / cartoon maker apps, Face2U

Share emotions and moods by selecting any of the different gestures that the app offers: happiness, sadness, anger, fun ...

Face2U also offers a large number of backgrounds, colorful images with geometric shapes, landscapes, flags and much more different graphic elements to complete the drawings. Add your text messages, into a bubble (comic style) or as a text footer in the image.

Download free app from Google Play and enjoy creating beautiful images in an easy funnny way:

Face2U on Google Play

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2 COOL Avatar Creator

COOL Avatar Creator

COOL Avatar Creator, available free on Google Play

Create the coolest cartoons and custom characters with COOL!

COOL Avatar Creator is another free app to create custom characters and avatars, as the others from the list, do not need drawing knowledges, just play with the app and select the elements and colors you like.

Once you have created the image, you can save it into your device's images gallery, or just send or share it through any mobile app like whatsapp, facebook or instagrams.

best avatar creator apps, COOL Avatar Creator best cartoon maker, COOL Avatar drawing free apps, COOL

Download COOL Avatar Creator from this link:

COOL Avatar Creator

3 FAM, Funny Avatar Maker

best avatar and cartoon maker app, FAM

FAM, Funny Avatar Maker, available free on Google Play

Design a funny cartoon with FAM, Funny Avatar Maker

Following the list of the best apps to create avatar ans cartoons here is FAM, Funny Avatar Maker, other cartoon maker app availabe on Google Play.

Design a cartoon and customize it using all the features, gestures, clothes, hair styles and all other complements offered by the app. With FAM, you can also write text messages before sending or sharing the image.

free avatar maker app, FAM Best cartoon maker app, Funny Avatar Maker best drawing apps, Funny Avatar Maker

Download free app from Google Play:

Funny Avatar Maker

4 creaemotions avatar creator

creaemotions avatar creator app

creaemotions avatar creator, available free on Google Play

Design and create your own customized avatar

creaemotions avatar creator was our first app published on Google Play, design and create all kind of funny characters and give them your preferred looking.

best avatar apps, creaemotions design custom avatars with creaemotions best cartoon maker app, creaemotions

With creaemotions we've reach the end of our list of the best free apps to create custom avatars and cartoons, this app has two different design lines, start app, click the design line you prefer and start creating funny images by playing with creaemotions avatar creator. In addition to all the clothes and accessories you have a lot of beautiful and colorful costumes to dress up the characters.

Download creaemotions avatar creator, free from Google Play:

free app on Google Play

So far, our list of best apps to create custom avatars and cartoons. We encourage you to download and try them to choose the one you like the most.

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