Best music videos for Virtual Reality, VR 360°

Top Virtual Reality music videos VR 360

Best VR 360 music videos to enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences (VR 360) in 2018

VR 360 VIDEOS | MUSIC VIDEOS | 29/04/2018

At present, there are many artist who use new technologies when developing their works, virtual reality is one of the technologies with more growth and the world of music is not outside of it.

Artists of musical styles such as pop or electronic have begun, during the last years, to publish works as music videos or recordings of their live music concerts as immersive virtual reality experiences, VR 360.

In this article we select a list with some of the best examples of VR 360 music videos and live performances by famous pop and electronic music artists.

Put on your headphones and virtual reality glasses to enjoy an immersive virtual experience with this list of the best music videos for virtual reality VR 360 :

1 Bjork, Stonemilker - VR 360

vídeo VR 360 - Bjork, Stonemilker

Immersive virtual reality experience of the Bjork's song, Stonemilker

Video of the song Stonemilker belonging to Vulnicura, the eighth studio album published by Bjork at the beginning of 2015. The album was produced by Arca, The Haxan Cloax and herself and the songs talk about the feelings derived from a sentimental break.

The video, Stonemilker, is a beautiful virtual experience shot on VR 360 to enjoy audio and images like if you were with Bjork in a beautiful natural environment.

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2 Gorillaz, Saturn Barz - VR 360

music video VR 360 - Gorillaz, Saturn Barz

VR 360 video, Saturn Barz by alternative electronic music band, Gorillaz

The song Saturn Barz belongs to the album HUMANZ by Gorillaz. This is the group's fifth studio album which was published on April, 2017.

The video brings to us an immersive experience of virtual reality into an artificial environment with 3D animated characters. This is one of our favorite VR 360 music videos.

3 MUSE, Revolt - VR 360

VR 360° Music Video - MUSE, Revolt

360° Music Video, Revolt by Muse

The song Revolt is included in Drones, the seventh album by alternative pop band Muse. Drones was produced by the band and was released in 2015.

The video is a mix of a live performance and images shot specifically for this video-clip recorded on VR 360.

4 Maxwell Powers, Stereo - VR 360

Vídeo música VR 360 - Maxwell Powers, Stereo

Virtual environment VR 360 for the electronic music of Maxwell Powers

Maxwell Powers is an artist who has been publishing his work as individual songs over time, most of them were published on fridays. In October 2016, Maxwell Powers published Fridays, Volume 1, a work in which he compiled all these songs that he had been publishing individually.

Stereo, was one of the songs that Maxwell Powers published on a Friday and was included in the album Fridays, Volume 1.

5 A-ha, Take On Me - VR 360

VR 360 A-ha, Take On Me – Virtual Reality

Live music video recorded on VR 360 of the famous A-ha song, Take On Me

Take On Me is possibly the most famous song of A-ha, a norwegian pop band that developed its career throughout the 80s. The song, Take On Me , is a nice pop song of catchy melody taken from their album Hunting High and Low, published in 1985.

The video was recorded during a live performance of one of their last tours and it was shoot as a virtual reality experience on VR 360.

So far, our list of the best VR 360 music videos, to enjoy images and music into an immersive virtual reality experience.

We will continue adding new VR 360 music videos throughout the year.

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